Hobby Metal Detectors

 : Beginner Metal Detectors

Our beginner metal detector models are perfect for hobbyists who are just starting to explore the fun and excitement of metal detection. These models are easy to use, lightweight and affordable. They are designed for use on solid surfaces, at the beach or in shallow water to hunt coins, jewelry and other metals.

Coinmaster Metal Detector

Features Include:

  • Depth Reading as you hunt: Once you've detected a good target, the screen shows you how deep to dig. No extra steps, its automatically on the screen!
  • Target I.D.: Display shows I.D. of target as you hunt. Hear and see targets!
  • 5-Range Discrimination: Adjusts so you pick what you want to see and hear. Hear and see it all, or just the good stuff.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Maximizes detection depth in varying grounds.
USD $179.95

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  • PinPoint/All-Metal Mode: Makes locating your target a snap. Just push the pad!
  • Spider Coil: 9-inch spider search coil.
  • Rugged: Water resistant control box. Just 2.5 pounds, too.
  • Low Battery Alert: Powered by two 9-volt batteries.

Coinmaster® Pro Metal Detector

Features Include:

  • Smart Notch
  • Tone I.D.
  • Depth Reading as you hunt
  • 5-Range Discrimination
USD $299.95

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  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • PinPoint/All-Metal Mode
  • Rugged, water resistant control box
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Battery Life
  • Adjustable arm cup and lower rod positions
  • 9-inch waterproof spider search coil :

Coinmaster® GT Metal Detector

Features Include:

  • Automatic Ground Balance
  • VDI
  • Depth Reading as you hunt
  • Adjustable Notch Discrimination
USD $399.95

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Also featuring these proven Prizm advantages:

  • Back-lit Display
  • VCO
  • 9 inch Waterproof Search Coil
  • Long-life, snap-in 'AA' battery pack included :
  • Beach Mode

Plus, all of the treasure-finding Coinmaster features: Like all Coinmasters, the Coin GT is rugged and lightweight for all-day hunting. See what's in the ground and how deep to dig on the easy-read display. Adjust the DISC control up and down depending on where you're hunting. Use low settings in yards and on private property. High settings filter out junk in high traffic areas. Coin GT features the latest in metal detection circuitry and software. The result? A detector that's fun to use and finds more treasure!