Hobby Metal Detectors

Our diverse line of hobby detectors serves many different types of hobbyists, from the amateur to the seasoned pro. Our metal detectors can deliver the thrill of treasure hunting, the relief of retrieving valuable artifacts and the satisfaction of identifying important targets underground or under water. Our detectors are compact, affordable, and easy to use. Please check out our product lineup and contact White’s to find out which model best suits your needs.


Our beginner metal detector models are perfect for hobbyists who are just starting to explore.


Treasure hunters who want a bit more power, range and sensitivity will find our intermediate lineup.


Seasoned metal detector users will appreciate the performance of our powerful high-end metal detectors.


Water hunters understand the importance of a well-built, fully waterproof metal detector.


Specialty metal detectors for searching large metal objects at greater depths.

Part and Accessories

White’s has a full line up of accessories, specially designed for the metal detecting hobbyist.