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TM 808 Metal Detector

Recover buried treasure 4-20 feet (1-6 meters) deep! If you're after large, deeply buried treasure, underground tanks or pipes, then the TM 808 is the metal detector for you.

Features Include:

  • Powerful Electronics The all-new TM 808 features the latest technology in an easy to use detector. The 808 rejects ground minerals to detect deep-even through mineralized soil.
  • Complete Versatility Whether you're hunting for a cache of coins or you need the precise location of an underground pipe, the TM 808 does it all. It's operable virtually anywhere, regardless of interference or ground minerals.
USD $799.95

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  • Easy Tuning & Setup Finally, a two box detector that's a great combination of factory settings with operator adjustments for complete flexibility. There are preset settings on each control for hassle-free setup.
  • The TM-808 is ideal for locating coin caches, treasure chests, and hordes of gold or silver in either coin or bullion form.
  • The Choice of Both Industry & Hobby The TM 808 works equally well for industry. Designed to find septic tanks, tools, equipment, and metal pipes, the 808 does the job with ease and dependability.
  • Push-button retuning
  • Drop-in battery pack C-cell pack included. Optional Nicad pack available
  • Adjustable ground balance -the only cache detector with the ability to reject ground minerals for deep detection even through mineralized soil.
  • Easy to read meter
  • Instruction Manual included in both English and Spanish versions. Bi-lingual Instruction Video also available.